Bio-Fiber EGF facial mask

  • Type;Sheet facial mask
  • Volume:Can be customized
  • Feature:Whitening, Refreshing, Moisturizing
  • OEM/ODM:Available
  • Package: Available
  • Shelf time: 3years
Facial mask :40ml/sheet*6sheet EGF solution: 3ml/pc*6pcs

Efficiency: Nourish and repair damaged skin, especially for sensitive skin, have obvious effect to sunburned skin and sensitive skin caused by abusing of low-quality cosmetics.

Bio-fiber facial mask paper:  
The composition of the biological fiber is the biological tissue morphology that closest to human skin tissue so far, comparing with common facial mask paper, it fits the face much better, about 2.5times. Can be completely sealed essence and effectively moist skin. It can help penetrate into Wrinkles and furrows deep, the effectively input nutrients into the cell membrane of skin cells, to achieve the real transmitter exchange, elimination of sensitive, but also promote epidermal cell proliferation and differentiation, prevention and repair of skin damage.

How to use:
After cleansing, put EGF solution into the unsealing bag or directly daub the EGF solution onto the skin.Then take out the mask, remove the non-woven membrane paper, put the bio-fiber side in the face very well, then remove the non-woven membrane paper of the other side which can be used in the neck, arms, feet and other parts of the body, after about 40 minutes ,can be removed.

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